The #1 Way To Get Personal Injury Leads In 2019

Billboards, radio, TV ads, Facebook, Google, yellow pages, word of mouth?… Out of all of the marketing options available to lawyers, what’s the absolute #1 best way to get personal injury leads in 2019?

First, let’s agree on what “best” means.

As a marketer I define “best” as…

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  • Most effective
  • Highest ROI (return on investment) for dollars spent
  • Most consistent
  • Most repeatable (and therefore “systemizable”)
  • Most dependable
  • Most “trackable”
  • Most hands-off
  • Highest volume


That said, the first brilliant marketing insight I’ll share with you is:

Whatever’s working now, keep doing that…and maybe even do more of it!

Profound, right?

But you might have suspected that my goal as a marketer is to “convince” you that your way is wrong, and my way is right. Nope! True marketers are imminently practical people – so if it works, keep doing it! Numbers don’t lie. (So whatever you’re doing, make sure to track the results!)

But if you’re a solo practitioner or a law firm looking to ramp up the number of high-quality personal injury leads you get coming to you on a regular basis, this article will share what’s been working extremely well for other personal injury lawyers, so that you can copy their success.

1. Go To Where The Eyeballs Are

Remember when everybody was advertising in the Yellow Pages?

meme_yellowpagesWe laugh at that now, but that was a really effective marketing method back then.


Because EVERYBODY was using the yellow pages. That’s where all of the eyeballs were!

Don’t pretend you don’t remember reaching for the yellow pages whenever you needed any kind of product or service (unless you’re under 30, of course)…

Grabbing your landline phone with that awesome spiral chord (that never got tangled, by the way) punching those buttons to make the call…Those were the days!

Sadly (or maybe happily) that’s not where the eyeballs are anymore. Nobody is reaching for the yellow pages in 2019 (Unless they’re over 80, of course)…

They’re reaching for Google.

Just the term “personal injury lawyer” alone, is getting between 10,000 and 100,000 searches per month in Google.

personal injury Google searches by personal injury leads

2. The “Hotter” The Leads The Better

At this point you may be asking…

“OK, But What About Billboards, TV, Radio, Magazines…? Lots Of People Still Use Those Too!”

Good point! Lots of people still DO watch TV, listen to radio, and drive on the freeway past billboards…

But the reason that Google Advertising is such a superior form of advertising than each of these methods, in terms of generating personal injury leads, is the same reason that the Yellow Pages was such a good option back in the 80s & 90s…

The intent of the prospect & how “hot” they are.

When you were reaching for those yellow pages, you were “hot”. You wanted something and you were ready to buy!

And now-a-days when somebody types in “personal injury lawyer” into Google, they are in what we marketers call “buying mode”.

Compare this to all of the people listening to the radio, watching the TV or driving past the billboard. The chances are very slim that any of those people are experiencing the problems that you help solve.

However the chances of the person typing in “personal injury lawyer” experiencing the problem YOU help solve, is very very high.

In the marketing world we call this “inbound” vs. “outbound”.

Outbound advertising is interruptive, meaning the prospect did not actively ask for it.

tv-ads-outbound-marketingNobody is asking to watch a commercial in the middle of their favorite show, or see a billboard advertisement as they drive down the highway.

“Inbound” advertising, on the other hand, was triggered by the prospect. THEY are the ones who initiate the contact with the advertisement. A Google ad is only shown AFTER the search is made…And therefore, they are much more receptive to your message (and even happy to find it!)

Yellow pages were a form of inbound marketing. People only saw the ads, after they actively flipped to that specific page.

And today both Google pay-per-click advertising and Google SEO are the modern-day equivalents of inbound marketing. Why? Because your “personal injury” ads only show as a result of a search that the prospect (who presumably has experienced a personal injury) initiates FIRST.

If You Can Advertise On Google Consider Yourself Lucky!

google-advertising-inbound-marketingAnd you want to know a secret? Not every type of business has the luxury of getting in front of such “hot” leads. If you are the manufacturer of some obscure widget, chances are that not that many people are looking for you on Google.

But if you are a service provider such as a personal injury lawyer, you have the awesome advertising SUPERPOWER that many never get to enjoy: Marketing your services to a group of people actively looking for exactly what you provide, right at the moment that they are ready to buy.

3. You Want A Consistent, Predictable Flow Of Leads That YOU Control

And NOW you might be thinking…

“Alright, you’ve convinced me that Google is the way to go in terms of getting more personal injury leads…But Isn’t SEO The Best Thing To Spend My Money On, Then?”

Great question! There’s no doubt that getting your site to rank #1 for any of the top search terms your prospects are using in Google would be of great benefit to your practice…

personal injury leads Google search results

But ultimately the search engine algorithm is OUT of your control.

As a marketer, I consider “consistency” and “predictability” as two factors that determine the effectiveness and desirability of any marketing technique.

Which is exactly why I chose to focus on providing the best pay-per-click advertising services available, even though I am also extremely well-versed in online SEO techniques.

Google AdWords, is much more controllable, repeatable and consistent than Google SEO.

Whereas Google’s SEO algorithm is constantly changing with each new update…Their pay-per-click formula has stayed more or less the same.

Therefore, once you find the Adwords “formula” that works for you, you can count on it working for you month after month.

As desirable and potentially beneficial as it is, the same can NOT be said of SEO.

Am I saying to just “ignore” SEO? Of course not! But remember that this article is about The #1 Best Way To Get Personal Injury Leads In 2019.

Because I place a high value on repeatablity, consistency and control, that puts Google Adwords in the winner’s position!

4. Yes, People DO Click On Those Ads

I can just hear the next thing you’re about to say…

“But does anybody ever click on those ads? I never click on those ads!”

Not only do people click on those ads all of the time…Google is making about SIX BILLION DOLLARS per month in revenue, and that is all coming from people clicking on their online ads.

Google Revenue From Google Adwords Online Leads

Google Revenue Graph (in Billions of Dollars)

To give you a more relatable statistic about those Google ads…

Paid search results (ads) on search engines are 1.5x more likely to convert traffic into leads than organic listings! (SEOmoz)

This is because with good copywriting & a great landing page, your entire search -> ad -> page -> conversion funnel is much more optimized, and therefore more effective.

Bottom line? Statistically PPC ads get HIGHER CONVERSION RATES than SEO results!

Not only that… Many people searching on Google don’t know the difference between the paid and organic results.

More Benefits of Google Adwords (PPC) Over Organic (SEO) For Personal Injury Lead Generation:

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  • More targeted
  • Much faster to set up & see results (days vs months or years).
  • More guaranteed (not just “hope” that it works)
  • PPC results show up above SEO results, you can IMMEDIATELY show up at the very top of the 1st page Google (and many of your prospects don’t know the difference between ads & organic results below them)
  • You can get visitors for hundreds of search terms (not just one or two)


And finally…
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  • Less stress. Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm, and all of your hard work can be erased in an instant. Paid traffic, on the other hand, follows predictable best practices, and Google especially encourages local businesses to use it. Once you set up a paid traffic campaign pipeline that works, you can count on it to be there month after month.


5. How To Set Up Your Own Adwords Campaign To Generate Personal Injury Leads

So I’ve convinced you that Google AdWords is indeed the #1 best way to generate personal injury leads & clients in 2019…

Now you probably want to know “HOW?…How do I set up my own Adwords campaign to get my own consistent flow of personal injury leads?”

Unfortunately most legal Adwords campaigns are wasting lawyers money because they haven’t been optimized correctly.

Luckily for you, reading this article, you now have access to an easy-to-follow checklist that I just put together that shows you the exact ‘Adwords Optimization Formula’ that I’ve found that’s working best for personal injury lawyers to generate clients online in 2019.

It’s completely free (and no email optin required).

Go to to check it out now.

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