How To Know Which Ads Are Getting You The Most Calls Online

[blockquote author=”John Wanamaker, department store owner”]Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.[/blockquote]

Do you know which of your marketing efforts are getting you the most leads?

Likely not. Most local businesses are flying blind when it comes to knowing the ROI of their marketing.

This has always been true for offline advertising sources such as television ads, billboards, & radio…

But one HUGE benefit you need to start taking advantage right away of is how easy AdWords makes it for you to know which ads & keywords are getting you the best results.

Phone Calls = The Highest Quality Leads.

Did you know that 60% – 70% of the leads for attorneys come in the form of a phone call?

Furthermore, phone call leads tend to be much higher-quality leads because somebody who proactively picks up the phone and calls you is about as “hot” as it gets.

You want more phone call leads.

So it makes sense to know exactly which ads & keywords are getting you the most phone calls, right?

Sadly, most businesses don’t even realize that this option is available to them & never get the chance to optimize their campaign to get more of these lucrative phone call leads…

The ‘Phone Call Multiplier’

Call tracking gives you the amazing ability to track which online ad is giving you the most phone calls!

With this information you are empowered to optimize your campaign to get more and more of your most valuable leads.

Let the competition waste their budget on keywords that don’t work, while you laser-focus your budget on only the keywords & ads that bring in the highest quality leads.

Seeing it in action…

One client is a personal injury lawyer in a very competitive city where click costs are extremely high.

In the original Google AdWords campaign his previous agency set up for him, he had spent over $2,900 on one of the most obvious and popular keywords for personal injury lawyers. (Let’s just say that it was “car accident attorney”.)

However, by setting up dynamic call tracking, we could see that “car accident attorney” was getting clicks…but it generated ZERO conversions for him. Meaning not one phone call or contact form submission.

So he paid $2980 for ZERO conversions, while other keywords like “DUI attorney” were getting him great results.

So if we had never implemented phone tracking on his campaign, we would have missed out on this massive increase in ROI.

By pausing the keyword that was costing a lot of money but not getting any conversions, he experienced a dramatic increase in the overall profitability of his campaign.

Applying this to your own law practice…

It’s called “dynamic call conversion tracking”.

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  • To be able to use it, you want to make sure to optimize your AdWords campaign for conversions (not clicks). This will allow you to treat each phone call as a “conversion”.


Then, after you have the call conversion tracking installed you can…

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  • Keep track and then pause the ads & keywords that are not getting good conversions. Ramp up the ones that are.
  • Once you know which keywords and ads work the best online, you can make your billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, TV ads, radio spots, and any other type of marketing or advertising you do more effective too.


BONUS tip: You can also use tracking to know which devices are getting you the best results. (By ‘devices’ I mean – are more people finding you on their desktop, mobile phone or tablet?).

For example, I’ve found that some lawyers (such as auto accident attorneys) get a better cost-per-lead from mobile phone devices, over desktop devices.

Armed with this information, we can then optimize the campaign to get more leads from mobile devices, increasing the ROI of the entire campaign.

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