[CASE STUDY] Getting More Legal Clients From The Internet In 3 Easy Steps

“I Don’t Think My Agency Is The Problem …Google Adwords Just Didn’t Work For My Law Firm”

The client had spent $70,000 USD on Google Adwords so far (She’s in England so she had actually spent about £50,000 – but still, not chump change!)

Now she was trying to figure out why Adwords wasn’t producing enough leads or clients for her law practice to justify the expense.

Given how big and well-known her previous agency was, the onus couldn’t possibly be on them, right?

As an online lead generation consultant, I’ve seen first-hand how effective Google advertising can be for lawyers, even if they are way over there in the UK.

So to get the bottom of this mystery, I had a few questions for her:

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Question 1:“Were You Using A High-Converting Landing Page?”


Her look was flatter than her Adwords results. “What’s a high-converting landing page?”, she asked?

Clearly the answer there was “no”…So to clarify even further I continued…

“Where did prospects go immediately after they clicked on your ads?”

“Just to my website..To my home page.”


The Case Of The Missing Adwords Results clue #1: The traffic was being sent to her home page, not to a targeted high-converting landing page.

Clearly, although her agency may have been the world’s preeminent expert in setting up Adwords from the campaign side of things, they didn’t understand the entire online conversion funnel.

Where you send traffic after they click on your ad is just as important (if not more so) as the actual ads themselves!

And you never ever want to send paid traffic directly to your home page.

Always send online traffic to a targeted, proven high-converting landing page.


Because while the ads are what get prospects to your website….

The landing page is what gets them to call you! (And home pages have notoriously awful conversion rates in terms of getting website visitors to call)

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Question 2: “Which Keywords Were Getting You The Most Calls?”


“How would I know that?” she quipped in her best Mary Poppins impersonation. (Or at least that’s how it sounded to this “yank”. Which is great because I love Mary Poppins!)

Sadly it was looking like her beloved agency wasn’t so “innocent” of the crime of terrible results after all…I explained:

“For an online lead generation campaign using Google Adwords, you need to set up call conversion tracking so that you can see which keywords are getting you the most leads.

That way you can pause the under-performing keywords and ramp up the ones that are doing well.”

The fact that she didn’t have call conversion tracking in place was another glaring clue that her Adwords campaign was far from being optimized.

How could it be? If they didn’t have tracking installed, they had no way of knowing which keywords were performing best.

And if they didn’t know that information, they were surely spending more money than necessary on keywords that were NOT generating results for them…

I took a puff of my pipe [1], adjusted my deerstalker cap [2], and forged on…

“I know this is painful for you to relive, but I just have one final question…”

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Question 3: “What Retargeting Ads Were You Showing To Prospects After They Left Your Website?”


The look on her face said it all – There were no retargeting ads!

I shook my head grimly. It was becoming clear that “the lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.”[3]

Or in other words, even the most well known of PPC agencies can commit the most heinous of online advertising crimes…

Because not using retargeting ads is as good as throwing your money in the trash can (or the “bin”, in her case).

Only about 1% of website visitors take any action on the first visit.

You can get that number up with a high-converting landing page, but the fact remains that the majority of visitors click away without calling or emailing…

“Retargeting” is the answer to this problem.

Retargeting ads are ads that only get shown to people who have already visited your website…

They are ads that the prospect sees after visiting your website, on practically every other website they visit, including Facebook!

And they are one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind as the prospect is in their decision-making mode about which law firm to use…

Not only that, it’s proven that retargeting increases conversion rates by 70% and more.

And by “conversion rate” I mean how many people contact you after visiting your website.

“It’s Like Night And Day”

Those were her exact words. It didn’t take long for her to start seeing results, after these 3 key changes were made.

Not only did she start getting way more high-quality leads calling her law practice by the end of the month….

Her cost per lead has now gone down to 1/3 of what it was previously.

In fact, she just recently had her best week ever!

So here they are again, in case you missed them…

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The 3 Simple Steps To Getting More Leads & Clients From The Internet


  1. Make sure you’re sending ALL of your traffic to a high-converting landing page.
  2. Use call tracking to know which ads & keywords are getting you the most phone calls (and which you should stop pouring money into)
  3. Always use retargeting ads to keep your message in front of anybody who visits your website, even long after they leave…And increase website inquiries by 70% and more.

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  1. Some parts of this story have been embellished for narrative (I don’t actually smoke a pipe!) But the online marketing part of it is all true.
  2. deerstalker-hat
  3. Famous Sherlock Holmes quote

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