How To Get Tons More High-Quality Leads From Your Law Firm’s Website

(The Most Effective Landing Page Template For Lawyers & Law Firms)

If you’re doing any online advertising, the biggest mistake you’re making right now is that you (or your campaign manager) is sending your hard-earned Google traffic straight to the front page of your website.

[box title=”” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#ffffcc” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#ffffcc” align=”left” text_color=”#000000″]Switching from the sending traffic to the home page to sending it to a landing page has been proven to increase conversions from visitors into callers by 700% & more


In fact, just by using our targeted landing page template, one DUI lawyer recently started getting 3 TIMES as many calls THE FIRST DAY after setting it up!

In Short, DON’T Send Traffic Straight To Your Website Home Page.

Even if it looks beautiful, even if you just got it redesigned, the bad news is that sending paid traffic to your website home is hemorrhaging you money.


To understand the answer – think about it from your client’s point of view.

Let’s say I’ve just made the difficult decision to end my marriage, and so I go to Google and I search for “divorce lawyer”

…When I clicked on the first ad that came up for a divorce lawyer, you would think I’d be taken to a page telling me all about how this law firm can help me with my impending divorce needs, right?

Instead I ended up on a home page that was a long-winded overview of every type of law they practice…

bad adwords pay per click landing page

Now from your point of view, as the business owner (or the attorney, in this case), this landing page might look pretty good.

After all, it is a very ego-boosting page, telling all about how great this lawyer is…

And we all love to showcase our accomplishments, right?

And this is exactly the mistake that most law firms fall into, without even realizing how much they are shooting themselves in the foot, because…

Your prospects don’t care about your accomplishments; they care about their problem…

And this is precisely what a well-designed landing page does. The “landing page” is where you send visitors immediately after they click on your ad…

A good landing page takes the focus off of you and your accomplishments, and in the quickest & most efficient way convinces prospects that you understand & can help them solve their specific problem.

And then it achieves perhaps the most important piece of the entire marketing puzzle…It gets them to contact you.

Having a bad landing page = having bad marketing.

The landing page you just saw is a gaping hole in this law firm’s online marketing funnel, which I’d bet a lot of potential clients are falling through, never to be seen again.

With that said, now it’s time to unveil the #1 most effective landing page design I’ve found that’s working like gangbusters for legal practices like yours.

After years of testing and over 3,680 variations, we have the offer page that generates more high quality leads than any other.

I’d bet money that it isn’t nearly as “pretty” as your own website, but believe me it works. In terms of lead generation, who cares if it’s ugly if it brings home the bacon?

This is the third ‘Multiplier’ of our Adwords System…

The ‘Landing Page Multiplier’

Here’s the winner:

best landing page template for lead generation

Across the board, this layout wins.

It’s been tested for:

  • Personal Injury
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • IRS Attorneys
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • And many other lawyers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector.

Every single time, it out-performs every other landing page design.

That’s why my team & I have created an army of these templates ready to deploy, for almost any type of law.

Seeing it in action…

Remember the law firm that went from a small local firm to a nationally recognized brand?

This page was the “secret weapon”.

By using this offer page, they were able to generate 700% more leads that were ALSO higher quality.

Applying this to your own law practice…

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  • NEVER send paid traffic to your home page
  • ALWAYS use a targeted landing page that has been optimized to get more prospects to contact you.
  • Use a targeted landing page for each type of client.


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