The #1 Trick To Make More Of Your Website Visitors Call You

80-90% of visitors leave your website without taking action, Here’s how you get them back…

Now we’re getting into the stuff that will put you light years ahead of the pack.

The vast majority of advertisers aren’t doing any of the things I’ve mentioned so far. Some smart marketers are doing a few of them.

But it’s really only top 1% of marketers – the high earners – who do what I am about to reveal right now.

The ‘Return Multiplier’:

Think about this: You don’t ever want a marketing dollar to be wasted. And you NEVER want to lose a prospect once you already have them.

We’ve already increased how many of your visitors will call you by at least 2X, using the tricks I’ve shared so far…

But the fact remains that, at this point, even if you convert 20% of visitors into leads (an excellent conversion rate) there are still 80% of highly qualified prospects out there who you’ve “lost”.

They want to keep researching their options…They have to go pick up their kids from school…

There are a million & one reasons why a potential client won’t immediately call you after landing on your website.

But after having paid all of that money to get them there – are you just going to let this person who reached out to YOU FIRST be lost forever??

How to get them back…

The “ninja trick” is to put a piece of code onto your website called a retargeting (or “remarketing”) pixel , that will then trigger your ad to be seen all across the internet. Meaning that wherever your website visitor goes, they will have YOUR message in front of them.

This not only keeps you top-of-mind, it makes you impossible to ignore.



Those ads followed me onto Facebook too…I saw one right in my newsfeed!

When I’m finally ready to purchase video hosting, who’s going to be top of mind & therefore most likely to get my business?

This is retargeting in action!

Applying this to your own law practice…

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  • ALWAYS use retargeting in your advertising campaigns. Put the code on your landing page, so that visitors who clicked on your original ad are the ones who get retargeted to.
  • Create retargeting ads with a special offer or discount that attracts the prospect back to your website.
  • Both Google and Facebook offer retargeting on their platforms – use them BOTH. Between these 2 behemoths, your prospects will be seeing you everywhere they go after they visit your website…


The Result?

Statistics show retargeting increases conversion rates of visitors into callers by upwards of 70%!

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