How To Gain Control Over How Many Clients You Get & When You Get Them…

Do you want to be in control of how many clients you get every month? Would you like the ability to turn the flow of calls & inquiries you get on and off – like a faucet?

Outlined for you below is a system that will do just that. It’s how the most successful service businesses are using the internet to grow their practices..mixed with the most effective marketing “tricks” we’ve found to skyrocket any business into total leadership online

How To Get More Attention, More Clients, & More Authority:
(The Power Your Pipeline System):


Generating-Quality-Web-Traffic-with-Google-AdWords2It’s a FACT that people are searching for what you sell on Google in your local area every month. It’s also a fact that many of your ideal prospects are regularly using Facebook.

So the entire system starts with us sitting down with you and determining who your best customers are…

And then using our proprietary “spy tools” & knowledge of internet traffic sources to identify pipelines of your best prospects.

With this information, we then set up an optimized Google advertising campaign (PPC) and/or a Facebook advertising campaign, with targeted keywords, targeted audiences, professionally written ads for your business (that show up at the top of the first page of Google for all of your best keywords and get in front of your specific ideal audience on Facebook), and geotargeting for your local area.

All of which ensure that you get in front of your best prospects, and only your best prospects.

Why Is This So Important? Because “traffic” is the first part of any marketing equation. Some tactics (like TV, radio & billboards) are focused entirely on the traffic (or “awareness”) part of the equation. But if you sell legal services, how useful would a prospect looking to buy a fishing rod be to you? The quality of traffic is everything.
How most Digital Agencies & “PPC managers” go wrong:

X They bid on irrelevant keywords that cost you money & waste your ad budget, just to get more “clicks”.

X They don’t research competitors or market leaders before starting, to see what is already working.

X They don’t take the time to understand which keywords are the most profitable to you and your business, so you get a lot of low quality traffic (and low ROI).

X They don’t know how to write good ads to get more web searchers to click.

Why Paid Traffic? What About SEO (Organic Search Traffic)?

SEO (search engine optimization) is another method of generating traffic to your website – but it is a long-term investment, and SEO is much less controllable & predictable than a targeted paid traffic campaign.

Therefore, you should be investing in SEO for long-term branding purposes. But in terms of new business flow, you want a “machine” that you control, to generate leads and sales on a consistent basis…

This is what makes a well-running paid traffic campaign such an asset to your business.

  • More predictable
  • More controllable
  • More targeted
  • Much faster to set up & see results (days vs months or years).
  • You can get visitors for hundreds of search terms (not just one or two)
  • PPC results show above SEO results, at the very top of Google (and many of your prospects don’t know the difference)
  • Paid search results are 1.5x more likely to convert traffic from the search engine! (SEOmoz). This is because with good copywriting & a great landing page, your entire search -> ad -> page -> conversion funnel is much more optimized.
  • And finally

  • Less stress. Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm, and all of your hard work can be erased in an instant. Paid traffic, on the other hand, follows predictable best practices, and Google especially encourages local businesses to use it. Once you set up a paid traffic campaign pipeline that works, you can count on it to be there month after month.

So What Should You Do?

If you currently have a Google Adwords account & PPC campaign running, you should get an online marketing strategy call & Adwords audit, to quickly uncover where your results can be improved. Often a few key tweaks to your traffic campaign can immediately improve your ROI.

(To learn the 6 critical ways we do Adwords & Pay-Per-Click differently than other agencies, click here.)


landing-page3Getting higher-quality prospects to your website is only the first step. Once a lead lands on your page, you need an effective marketing tool that gets them to take the next step in your funnel.

This is the role of your customized mini site.

Whether that is to call your office for a free consultation, or provide you with their contact info, the landing page we set up for you has been tested and obsessively designed to significantly increase the number of prospects who take the next action and contact you.

Why Is A Landing Page So Important? Because once you’ve done all that hard work to get visitors to your website with your traffic campaign – You want them to take action! What point is getting visitors it if you don’t convert them into leads for your business? And what is the best way to get visitors to convert? Your own proven mini site (landing page).
How most digital marketing agencies go wrong:

X They send ad traffic straight to your home page. (Which statistically gets much lower conversions).

X They don’t know how to write high-converting landing pages (mini sites) with good copywriting. (So most visitors don’t take the action you want them to.)

X Most of them don’t even know how to set up a landing page.

X They don’t include a powerful call to action. (So most visitors just land on your page, and then immediately leave because they don’t know what to do – Wasted adspend!)

So What Should You Do?

Before starting any online campaign – whether it be via Google, Facebook, or another traffic source – you must first make sure that you have a dedicated landing page (mini site) specifically set up for that campaign.

If you already have any online digital marketing campaigns running, you should get a Adwords & online marketing audit, to quickly uncover where your results can be improved. Often a few key tweaks to your online campaigns can immediately improve your ROI.


retargetingHere’s a marketing fact you might not be aware of: On average, most of your website visitors will not take the action you want them to

Having a high converting website or landing page will greatly increase the conversion rate of visitors into leads…

But for the website visitors that you lose, online retargeting will help you to recover that lost source of revenue.

Why Is Retargeting So Important?

Retargeting keeps you top-of-mind to your prospects during their decision-making phase, by showing your targeted messages to them all across the internet.

Visitors who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert.(comScore)

How most digital marketing agencies go wrong:

X Most digital marketing agencies don’t set up retargeting campaigns, and so they let this potential source of revenue slip away from you forever.

With the Power Your Pipeline system, we help you recover these sales by staying top-of-mind with your prospects – all across the internet and on all of their devices – during their decision-making & research process, with powerful & proven retargeting.

So What Should You Do?

If you have any online campaign running, make sure to find out if you also have a retargeting campaign in place.

You should also take advantage of our free online marketing audit, to quickly uncover where your results can be improved. Often a few key tweaks to your online campaigns can immediately improve your ROI.


tracking_reporting_mediumOur monthly tracking and reporting will not only help us to continually optimize the ROI of your online campaign results, they will also give you added clarity about your audience of prospects & customers.

This means that with our monthly tracking you get two valuable business benefits in one.

Why Is Tracking So Important?

  • Gain valuable insights into your prospective clients.
  • Improve your marketing messaging, across all channels.
  • Continual improvements month after month.
  • Optimized return on investment (ROI)
How most digital marketing agencies go wrong:

X Most digital marketing agencies just take a “set and forget” approach and don’t bother to continually track and improve your campaigns.

X They don’t offer audience and marketing insights based on your online paid traffic campaigns.

Our monthly campaign tracking includes:

Monthly reporting
Each month, we will send you an insightful report detailing campaign statistics. You’ll see which audiences converted at the highest rate, and which marketing messages were most effective. Insights like these can help you in every other part of your marketing.

Conversion tracking assistance
We will set you up with the ability to track conversions on your website. Which keywords lead to the most clicks, calls and sales? Which audiences responded the best, to which messages?

Direct access to your campaign results & support for any of your PPC questions
Anytime questions come up regarding how your campaigns are running, just contact us for quick responses with direct answers.


optimize-business-webWhile it may seem that once you’ve got an online traffic & lead generation campaign in place, the work is done. In practice, it’s just the beginning.

Effective performance over time requires constant vigilance and adjustment, and this is what we focus on once your campaign launches.

Why Is Campaign Optimization So Important & What Is Included?

  • Ensuring that bids are as high as necessary but as low as possible
  • Ad position – making sure ads are in the optimal position on Google, to get you the best click-through rates, but still maximize your adspend
  • Ad effectiveness – maximizing click-through rates; getting the high-value clicks and eliminating the low-value clicks; A/B testing to identify the best ads for you
  • The effectiveness of your mini-site (landing page) – Testing to identify copy, layout and offer combinations that maximize conversions (whichever action you want them to take)
  • Meeting ROI targets – identifying the keywords, ads, audiences and landing page combinations that meet your ROI objectives
  • Keeping up with changes in the way Google implements search results, and how Facebook targets audiences, and using them to continually improve your campaign strategy.
How most digital marketing agencies go wrong:

X Most digital marketing agencies just take a “set and forget” approach and don’t bother to make any changes to your campaigns once they finish.

X They think that the entire service lies in “setting up” your campaign, not in continually improving your results.

Our overall focus is always on giving you the targeted, cost effective, steady stream of qualified leads you need to prosper and grow your business.


leads Once it’s set up and running, you now have a marketing & business growth asset:

An automated pipeline that continually funnels NEW HIGH-VALUE CLIENTS INTO YOUR BUSINESS, month after month.

“Wow, That’s A Lot!”
“Most Agencies Only Set Up My Ads…Do I Really Get All Of This?”

If we accept you as a client, we don’t just give you one piece of the puzzle. We make sure that the entire online client-generation system is running smoothly for you. You just have to get ready for all the calls 😀

Wondering if Google or Facebook is right for you?
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